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Linking students with local companies

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Welcome to the LIFE Project

An Erasmus Plus Project

LIFEHow can schools prepare their students better for the labour market? How can local companies find better employers and grow in an international market?

LIFE stands for Linking Interests For Europe. We will try to link the interests of our students, schools and our local companies in our Erasmus Plus Project. Our students will be trained in marketing and will visit local companies in other countries, which they will promote later at a market fair at their own school in their own country. The local companies will get promotional material in four different languages and will get the opportunity to meet future employers and will get publicity abroad.

Our partners

Local companies in Belgium, Germany, Italy and Portugal

A school in Belgium, Germany, Italy and Portugal

European Union: An Erasmus Plus Project


Latest News

November 2015

The LIFE Project had a kick-off meeting in Dendermonde in Belgium. German, Italian and Portuguese students visited Callebaut and the local brewery Vicaris. They learnt the basics of Marketing and Publicity.

April 2016

Belgian, German and Italian students visited the local companies Centimfe, FRUBAÇA and the glass bottle company Vidrala (GALLO VIDROS) in Portugal. They were trained in the psychology of marketing at Leiria. Watch the video which the German students made about this conference.

October 2016

The LIFE Project was presented at a Headteachers' Conference in Vienna which was attended by representatives from 16 different schools from 14 different countries. Go to this site for more information about this conference. Click here for the presentation of LIFE as delivered by Koen Van Cauwenberge.

November 2016

Belgian, German and Italian students were received at Imola in Italy. They had workshops on marketing, business communication, sponsorship and crowdfunding. They visited the international ceramics company La Fabbrica and Ca Monti.

March 2017

Belgian, Portuguese and Italian students were received at Lübbecke in Germany. They had workshops on video editing, job application and marketing. They had guided tour at the facilities of the Wortmann AG Group and at Blase Siebdruck.

April 2017

The first trade fairs are being organised to promote the companies which the students have visited in the other countries. The trade fair in Imola in Italy is taking place on the 22nd of April and the trade fair in Dendermonde in Belgium is taking place one day later.

May 2017

The German school presented the results of our LIFE project from May 15 - May 19, 2017 in their auditorium. On May 16 all parents from Wittekind Gymnasium had the chance to see the fair since it was the school’s open house day. At the opening of the exhibition the council’s representative Claus Buschmann congratulated the school and the students for their commitment and the principal Mr Hagemeier did likewise before handing out the certificates for the participants.

May 2017 (2)

The LIFE Project had a transnational meeting and dissemination conference at the Institut de la Providence de Champion in Wallonia. Headmaster Olaf Mertens and his school team were interested in the LIFE Project.

October 2017

When our partner school Gymnázium bilingválne in Žilina invited all the members of our European network “Education with our frontiers” ( to their annual conference of all member schools to Slovakia, all LIFE teachers followed their invitation and seized the opportunity to proudly present their project. The network, which consists of 15 European schools and has existed for almost 25 years, was eager to get to know about the results of the project and about the experience their colleagues could share.