Results and materials

Kick-off Conference Belgium

1. Learning materials on marketing

Powerpoint on the basics of marketing by Koen Van Cauwenberge.

2. Promotional material made by students

Click here for a brochure about Callebaut.

Click here for a brochure about Vicaris in Portuguese.

Click here for a Powerpoint about Vicaris in German.

Click here for an idea for an ad for Vicaris. Obviously no alcohol was used during the making of this video spot.

Advertising video for Vicaris: Promoting the product to strong women.

Feedback on the promotional material which were made in Belgium by a German marketing expert.

ERASMUS+ LIFE-Project Feedback Marketing Expert from Paulina Borchard on Vimeo.

Advertising video about Vicaris after the feedback of a marketing expert.

3. Decisions at this conference

Click here for the minutes of the meetings at this conference.

4. Evaluation report of this conference

Click here for the evaluation report for this conference.

Starting point of the LIFE Project

Final assessment of the LIFE Project

Conference Portugal


Conference Italy

Imola group

Conference Germany


Trade fairs

Trade Fairs


Participants Vienna Conference

Testimonials from participants

Headmaster Dr. Eberhard Hagemeier
Shauni and Sien, two Belgian students from the Erasmus+ LIFE Project
Local company: Luca Marzola, area manager of Middle East, Israel, India and Argentina at La Fabbrica S.p.A., Castel Bolognese, Italy