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We learn not for school, but for life.


This principle is the central aim of our LIFE-project and was put into practice in March 2017 when the final LIFE-Conference took place at Wittekind-Gymnasium in Lübbecke, Germany.


Students and teachers from Portugal, Italy and Belgium were hosted by their German partners and spent some interesting days together gathering lots of new experiences in different fields of work. The group visited the local enterprise Wortmann AG to get an insight into 'IT Made in Germany' and the screen printing factory Siebdruck Blase. During their visits they learned a lot about how these two international companies operate.

On top of that the students attended several workshops led by external experts. The focus of this conference was on the students' needs such as learning how to assess themselves, writing a letter for application and doing a job interview. Therefore the agency AUBI-plus offered professional application coaching for the students - especially on how to apply online and what to expect in an assessment centre process. Additionally, they were taught in how to create a professional promotional video. This knowledge helped them a lot when working on the tasks of producing presentations, brochures and a video on the two companies they visited during the week.

One of the highlights of the week the group spent together was the visit of Autostadt Wolfsburg. After their guided tour of the VW factory they all were very impressed by what they learned about this international enterprise. When visiting the different pavilions in the Autostadt they were able to intensify their impressions.
In the end all participants were happy with the outcome of the conference and the results of the promotional material that was created.

After their week in Lübbecke all participating teachers agreed that they consider a cooperation with the companies as something very valuable for their schools that should be continued in the future. When coming back home all schools have to prepare their local trade fairs now in which they will present their results to the local audience at school.

In May the coordinating teachers will meet again in Belgium to disseminate and evaluate the project together.


1. Learning materials

Click here for a pre-task of this conference which is a good excercise for a job application.

Click here for the business English workshop.

Click here for the Aubiplus-PowerPoint presentation about applying for a job online.

2. Promotional material made by the students

Click here for a flyer about Wortmann in English.

Click here for a flyer about Wortmann in Italian.

Click here for a PowerPoint about Wortmann in English.

Click here for a PowerPoint about Blase in English.


Wortmann commercial

ERASMUS+ LIFE Project Wortmann Commercial from Silke Horst on Vimeo.


Blase commercial

ERASMUS+ LIFE Project Blase Siebdruck Commercial from Silke Horst on Vimeo.


3. Evaluation report of this conference

The last LIFE conference took place in Lübbecke (Germany) and was assessed by all students and teachers taking part in the project via Kwik Survey. The teachers also evaluated the conference during a meeting. The students were very pleased with their German host families. They felt very welcome and were happy to experience German customs and family life. Both students and teachers enjoyed working together on the project. The company visits at Blase Siebdruck and at the Wortmann company were also rated highly. Everyone was impressed by the personal tour and information provided. Only the lecture on 'How to apply online' which was given at the Wortmann company by the agency 'Aubiplus' was rather disappointing since the information was not explained but only the slides were read out.

However, the students also liked the presentation on filming a lot, which was given by the local filming business Ilex Media. They felt the lecture was very informational and gave them a great insight into how to make commercials. It also prepared them to create the promotional material for the companies they visited better. Another highlight was the visit of the Volkswagen plant in Wolfsburg, but also the so-called 'ice-breaking activities' were commented on as very positive.


Since the local marketing and filming experts were there to assist the students in their workshops, the making of the promotional material also went well.

As for the teachers’ assessment most considered that the conference was well organized and that their expectations were met. The visits to the factories were considered very interesting and useful as well as the conference meetings for discussing and organizing the implementation of the LIFE Project and for planning the transnational project meeting in Namur. However, in the future it would be helpful to learn more about the companies BEFORE visiting them – especially when working together with a company like Siebdruck Blase, because the procedure of screen-printing is very complex and prior knowledge would have been helpful.


A very positive reaction from a parent about the LIFE Project:

ERASMUS+ LIFE Project Interview with Mr Diekriede from Claudia Berg on Vimeo.


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Headmaster Dr. Eberhard Hagemeier
Shauni and Sien, two Belgian students from the Erasmus+ LIFE Project
Local company: Luca Marzola, area manager of Middle East, Israel, India and Argentina at La Fabbrica S.p.A., Castel Bolognese, Italy