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Trade fairs

Trade fair Imola

Trade Fair 2017 from Vincenzina Accetturi on Vimeo.


Report by Italian student Chiara Cavina: On Saturday the 22nd of April 2017 we held at our school the Trade Fair about the LIFE PROJECT.  We presented our experience through videos, photos and paper materials to other classes of our school and our parents, who were all invited. Thanks to this Trade Fair we had the opportunity to show our “journey” during the past two years, in which we had our first taste concerning the marketing and the business world.


Both parents and teachers, who were involved in this project, were proud of us because they had the possibility to see that their children’s time abroad and here was not wasted at all, and also because it made us more mature and responsible since each of us had a specific task during the Trade Fair. This new project and its outcome made the guests enthusiastic and we were deeply delighted of it.



Interviews with students, teachers, parents, coordinators and business people who took part in the LIFE project in Italy:


Click here to see some photos from the Trade Fair, with special thanks to Eleonora Marangoni and Enrica Valmori.


1.  Do you think students will be prepared better for their professional life with projects like the LIFE Project?
Yes; we are really convinced that projects connecting students and companies are fundamental for creating a synergy between schools and labor market.


2.  Would you like to establish more contacts between your company and local schools?
We are pleased to establish more contacts and build active cooperation between our company and the schools and the training agencies in our area in order to train new professions.


3.  What are the advantages for your company having taken part in the LIFE Project in terms  of
-    general advertising possibilities
-    impact on the local community
-    promotion of your company and products abroad?

We are well known in our area because of our firm conviction on youth integration and training inside our company. We often welcome youth for periods of “Stage”  in many of our departments (sales, marketing, account etc…).
It is always a positive letter of introduction in our small province the availability to train and eventually employ youth coming from local schools.
Your school with the LIFE project offered us the possibility to go beyond our closest area and over the barriers of our country investing our resources in training of young foreign people. This new experience will help us to promote our brand not only for the immediate sales but also for the future spread of our company’s philosophy: “ the integration between industries and school is fundamental for the future labor market.

Trade fair Dendermonde

Sunday 24 April 2017.

Erasmus+LIFE Project Trade Fair Dendermonde from Koen Van Cauwenberge on Vimeo.


On 29th April the Belgian school presented the results of our LIFE project during the school’s Open Day. Teachers and students involved in the project introduced the companies they visited during the project by displaying their products and the promotional material the students made. They created leaflets and PowerPoints in different languages and advertising videos for the different companies. The students shared their experiences with great enthusiasm to the headmasters, teachers, parents, fellow students and other members of the local community visiting the fair.

The mayor of Dendermonde, Mr. Piet Buyse, and the municipal economy councillor, Mr. Dirk Abbeloos, also visited the trade fair and were impressed by the exhibition of the project. They complimented the students and stressed the importance of European projects involving trade and the job market.

Trade fair Leiria

Trade Fairs

The Portuguese school presented the results of the LIFE Project from 4th to 8th of May in an International Trade Fair, in the school Escola Secundária de Francisco Rodrigues Lobo.


Students and teachers involved in the project shared their experience with the school community through the exhibition of all the work done during the past two school years. It included videos and photos from the four conferences, as well as advertising material made by the students, such as power points, leaflets, brochures and advertising videos about the partner companies.



There was also a “Gastronomic Fair” promoting the companies and the gastronomy of the four participating countries, partly sponsored by “Frubaça”, one of the Portuguese companies involved in the project.



Being the 4th of May the school’s day, many parents and other members of the school community had the opportunity to visit the fair and taste the products offered.



The Councilor of Education, Mrs. Anabela Graça, visited the fair and gave an interview about the promotion of projects in schools and the support given by the town hall to schools and local companies.

Erasmus Plus LIFE Project: Trade Fair Portugal from Óscar Romerocollege on Vimeo.

Finally, she congratulated both students and teachers, for their commitment to activities like this, and the school, for its long tradition in participating in European projects.



Here is a compilation movie of the trade fair made by the students:


Life Project- Trade Fair from Óscar Romerocollege on Vimeo.


Trade fair Lübbecke

Trade fair

The German school presented the results of our LIFE project from May 15 - May 19, 2017 in their auditorium. On May 16 all parents from Wittekind Gymnasium had the chance to see the fair since it was the school’s open house day. At the opening of the exhibition the council’s representative Claus Buschmann congratulated the school and the students for their commitment and the principal Mr Hagemeier did likewise before handing out the certificates for the participants. For a more detailed report the exhibition see


Here is a compilation movie of the trade fair:


ERASMUS+ LIFE-Project Fair in Lübbecke from Silke Horst on Vimeo.



Report on final survey about the outcome of the LIFE Project for the students

The survey conducted with the students who participated in the project via Kwik Survey ( shows a very positive assessment of the project and reveals that the teenagers from Belgium, Germany, Italy and Portugal gained a lot of valuable experience from taking part in the project.


They especially stressed that it was a valuable experience, that they made European friends and that their schools should organize more such projects. The survey also shows that the participants appreciated the chance to use and improve their language skills and that they feel more confident about working or studying abroad in the future.


Click here for the results of the complete survey.

Starting point of the LIFE Project

Final assessment of the LIFE Project

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Conference Portugal


Conference Italy

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Participants Vienna Conference

Testimonials from participants

Headmaster Dr. Eberhard Hagemeier
Shauni and Sien, two Belgian students from the Erasmus+ LIFE Project
Local company: Luca Marzola, area manager of Middle East, Israel, India and Argentina at La Fabbrica S.p.A., Castel Bolognese, Italy